You Know the Amusement Business…

…shouldn’t your insurance broker?  For years I have been amazed when I come across an FEC or Park that is represented by a generalist insurance broker.  Mind you, these brokers may be fine insurance professionals, but they don’t know the industry.  They don’t know the difference between a Shaller and a J&J Kart, a Zipper or a Sizzler, or what your redemption strategy may be.  While to some, this may not be a big deal but, if you truly understand risk placement and risk management, it is a very big deal.

At its very core, insurance is a promise.  It is a promise between an insurance company and a client that when the unthinkable occurs, the insurance company will be there to help.  In order for that to happen, the insurance company must fundamentally understand the business they are insuring.  The broker or agent has the responsibility of understanding every facet of your complex business so that they may represent it appropriately to the insurance company.  Truly understanding your business also enables a broker to craft and offer coverage’s that are specific to your needs.  Boilerplate insurance contracts will not suffice in the amusement world.  It’s like having your general practitioner remove a brain tumor.  He or she is likely a well qualified physician, but most assuredly not a brain surgeon.

Not to imply that insurance is brain surgery or that I am in any way a brain surgeon, but what I am is an extremely qualified insurance professional that is passionate about protecting the interests of my amusement clients.  My insurance programs have been built from the ground up based on the specific needs of FEC’s, Parks and Carnivals which  I represent.  Don’t let yourself be fooled by flash, smiles and hospitality.  You need an amusement industry insider, focused on your needs as your insurance advisor.  When the unthinkable happens to your FEC, amusement park or on your midway who do you want keeping the promise?